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spending my down time on the computer

I feel like I have gotten so used to the computer that I can not function much without it. I knew I had not blogged for a while so I wanted to post.

last deep breath

I am taking this, my last deep breath, before I dive into the first day of August - the most exciting August yet : )The pastor said that Curtis is on the payroll August first even though they have not done the vote but the committee was unanimous and Curtis will be teaching Wed at the same time as the business meeting. Wednesday also starts new teaching orientation with a classroom class with Harry Wong curriculum. Friday is my NEW TEACHER ORIENTATION. I am also starting a new adventure as a Thirty One sales consultant. Check out my site, and let me know if you would like to host a party : ) I am starting my new way of life with dieting : ) Last week in August I begin my last Fall semester of my undergraduate degree!!!!!! I am super excited to finish in May.
I am probably forgetting something because the blessings have been abundant and all glory be to God for that! Can't wait to see what else is in store for us this year.
Pray and you…