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I am lost in translation of (who, what) a friend is in the world anymore. I am in a conversation and someone mentions a name( and since I have a crazy memory- and know almost everyone I have ever met or seen) I do not know how to classify anyone.
Are they my friends?
I feel like I have people whom fall into the following categories:
co-workers whom I chit chat with but does not seem to remember whats going on in my life long enough to pretend to carepeople who want me to babysit
classmates online who do not even know much about me beyond my name. they do not even remember that I am from another state( even though I constantly remind them in each post)people from middle school, high school, college that I run into constantly. parents of kids that I spend time with all day.
family that I barely see or talk tofellow church goerspeople that my husband talks to and their wives who sometimes talk to meam I the only one who feels like this? am I being too over critical? I just don't want to b…

journies of too many finals

Soo most people get to have one final per class maybe two different parts but this 3 weeks of finals stuff is making me a mess! I think the only thing that I am making it through set is because of a three day weekend the day my classes get out :)

another cool thing keeping my mind off of finals during the day is working FUN DAYS for my work. Basically each age group gets to have its own festival with cookie decorating, toilet paper toss, face painting, nail painting, tattoos and soo much more.

I have also been told there may be a VERA BRADLEY out of this stress :) my husband is nice


I have decided that some professors are CRAZY and like seeing how people do in crazy pressure. For my astronomy class I had an 8 to 20 page paper on a topic that has enhanced astronomy, plus a 10 to 20 slide power point presentation- but that was not enough work for one week- we are required to cover a chapter and do the assignment at the end too. luckily that part is over :)
now on to
math- 5 finals
digital communications- group final that I am loving
oceanography- one more weekly assignment and then final
astronomy- weekly assignment and test

<3 this time next year I will be able to write about my last set of finals and that will make me smile ALOT <3

it is teacher appreciation week at work this week and fun days for every age group so lets hope its fun!

should not have done that

since april I have been saying I was going to avoid Facebook because I was extremely saddened by the fact that I am not graduating on my four year plan :( you say" plans change for a reason" but as an elementary student I knew that I would go to school for a communications degree of some sort and I would graduate 4 years from my high school graduation and then visit family in England or go to Grad School.

I am choking back tears. I do not want the end of May to come and me not have my degree. I kinda wish today would freeze, or that I just have to take a hiatus from Facebook until next year.

So instead of following my own sanity and avoiding fb I search for it because I heard the song "Chicken Fry" which reminds me of my only college room mate other than my husband. seeing her and all our sisters( from Theta Sigma Chi)  posting about their graduation or amazing summers. grrr....

one day I will listen to my own advice.
until then....

first blog

I am blogging for:

school- My education is EVERYTHING to me, and I feel because I am dislocated from the physical location of my school does not mean I can not write about it as I would in yearbook of England, Alaska, Georgia, Mexico, Oregon: need I say moresanity- I have missed being apart of publications and this will give me an opportunity to expressnetworking- I have enjoyed being apart of spreading the word about some local bands and restraunts on FB and hope to keep that rolling. It took me some time to get here because I thought it would hinder my schooling, but now I think it will only enhance it. Enjoy reading & respond as you feel led. I have not come up with a catchy ending yet but will one day ; )
Until then....