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Some mornings it is harder to wake up than others, naturally. In the same respect sometimes its harder to hear news you are expecting than others. Why do we have the complex to build things up in our hearts even if we expect them to not happen? I prayed and prayed but it is still hard to get over.


Yesterday I did a walk for Diabetes. I thought it was going to be ALOT longer then it ended up being, and I planned on running the route. Oh well- I was still able to raise money for it on behalf of one of the kids from our youth group, Jake. He is a diabetic and ended up being the face for the walk for one of the school districts. I really enjoy getting to help out.

I am hoping to run the full Turkey Trot. If God brings he to it He will bring my through it <3

bake a cookie, make a cookie


I have decided that baking is a dangerously fun thing to do. I am baking cookies and decorating them for a party and Of course I chose flavors that I enjoy. So as the cookies are in the oven and I am prepping the decorations, I am snagging some of these. Then the cookies come out and as I am taking them off of the pan I want to taste them too. This is why I am not allowed to bake, it is not healthy for dieting.