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the last two months

a few weeks after John and I relocated to Indiana, we had a meeting with the youth ministry team and asked if there were any mission organization or projects in the area. Well a few names were thrown out, and one member said ," well hey there is OMS, but I don't know what they do."

If you know me personally, you know I basically take not knowing things as a challenge to know about the topic. #GoogleQueen  I really just don't like not knowing especially when the world is at my finger tips :)

So I Googled and I ogled at all the cool things I was reading on the OMS ( or One Mission Society) Website ( LiNK HERE). I did a general, " hey can I get info" email to their general email and I spoke back and forth with the cool team in Mobilization who invited me to come and check out chapel service. I toured the facility and met a few new faces but didn't know what would really come out of it.

In the weeks to follow I had some back and forth conversations but stil…