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me time

Keep automatically typing in facebook into my browser bar. I do not need Facebook, and it is good that I am keeping off. I have tried to erase it so it wont come up in my browser but it has not worked. GRRRRR!!! I have de-FACED in hopes that I will keep more focus on writing and reading ( and technically this counts because my professors want us to write about us too). I can not wait for Thanksgiving "break" where I can read ONE good book between reading for class before the next week. I have felt freedom from this.

During Thanksgiving I am also going to be doing the Turkey Trot, for myself. Ultimate goal is still to do a half marathon. My new baby steps up include taking some weight off : ) which has been happening with my new volunteer position as assistant cheer coach for the coolest school.

In December, we are taking two days to go to anywhere but heresville to relax and detach from our computers. It can not be long due to jobs,but we are going to do some us time no matter…

October Daze

So I recently noted that I have not posted since August 1st, and if you saw my blue calender you would understand why. I am enjoying working for the school I am working for, I am learning how to be a yearbook teacher instead of a yearbook doer. The church has been good, just trying to adjust to being involved only in the youth--- and not having anyone around my age. I am juggling pretty well. I got really stressed out when I did not get to be home much at the end of September/ the first few weeks of October. Things are finally starting to settle down/ in. I am finding home in my classroom and in our youth room.

I was told by a co- worker about a week ago, " I wonder where you will be a year from now?" and I jokingly said, " Painting another Noahs Ark mural." She said she was expecting me to fly out of the pre-school into bigger and better things. The whole time I am thinking she is trying to kick me out and she doesnt know what God has planned ( and neither do I). I…