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One Day Without Shoes

As some of you may know, today is One Day Without Shoes Day.... but many of you may not know. This day is encouraged/sponsored/planned by Toms Shoes, the buy one give one organization, and for those of you who have not heard about this company take a look at a college campus or music festival and you will probably lay eyes on a pair or more.

For those of you who have watched me grow up, the concept of NOT wearing shoes comes VERY naturally to me. I remember days when my husband and I were dating and my father would see me leave the house without shoes and say," child where are you shoes, get back in the house and get them," to which I would reply," don't worry dad I left some in Curtis' car." These conversations happened ALOT, and I don't regret not liking shoes :) not liking shoes led me to my purchase of Vibram Five Finger Shoes and eventually my first pair of Toms ( feel like I am wearing nothing).

So I think it was the first year I was caught not w…


Just the other day I was speaking with my mom about how I needed to get back on the saddle and continue blogging, so today I saw a post on Facebook that instead of saying little snippets of what I felt on the topic I would write it as a whole.

A new friend pastor friend of mine posted today about the term wedlock. Of course many of my readers know that I have a strong love for dictionary and nickname in middle school was dictionarybarbie because I was ridiculously dictionary oriented, so I went to my good friend the dictionary to verify I understood what the term meant.

Merriam Webster said wedlock is the state of being married. In thinking about the break down of the word though, the first part does mean marriage (wed- to bring or join {two things} together). Then the second part of the word "-lock" has a few different definitions but for the point of this blog I will say it can be a combination of lock(noun) where the fourth definition is "one that is assured or succe…