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So this is a duplicate posting from my fairy tale blog in reflection of my unit on Little Red Riding Hood. I thought that it was good enough to repeat:

The stories of Grimm allow a person to take a break from reality, and pretend. When a child wraps their head around the child plot and meaning, they begin to day dream and pretend this could be them. Where do we draw the line of letting a child have dreams and crushing things that can not happen? Maybe this is why I am not yet a mother, but I have worked in pre-school for two years now and I am actually the least likely candidate to crush any child dream. I knew when I was younger that I would end up in New York, some way some how, and look at me- I am going to school in New York ( online of course but who is really checking?)

Maybe Grimm ( and all the other writers/dreamers/ creators) were right, we need to take a break from the serious, let our minds wander, and see where our hearts really want to be. With that said, I hav…


My heart is beating, of this I am thankful God
I have somewhere to live, of this I am thankful God
My husband is loyal and loves me, of this I am thankful God
I am using my awesome computer to type this, of this I am thankful God
but my heart hurts and ministry hurt it, oh Lord I know you are teaching me
I do not know where I will work next year, oh Lord I know you are teaching me
I have anxiety that I pray to be taken away, oh Lord I know you are teaching me


SO I am seeing weight loss but I want others to really SEEE weight loss! Everyone is telling my hustband that he looks so great, then they just kinda eyeball me. I am getting super discouraged.
Things I am doing:

- not working out enough
- trying to stay within my calorie goals from Loseit
- eating more veggies

it is the hardest to be on a diet and try to cut back when you are on full time school, full time crazy schedule. hence the reason I did not give up Starbucks for Lent, if I had no one would want me to be around them- I need an escape place and a power source ( even if it is green tea I feel rejuvenated).

any help?

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