Life: Free Coffee

2017: The current year 2007: The year I graduated from high school Do you see the correlation? 10 Years
Ten years have passed since I graduated from Churchill High School. Now it may seem strange that I am writing about my ten year mark when it isn't even ten years to the date yet(May 28th), but what made me think of it was Free Coffee this morning. 
Toss Back to High School: My dad would drop me off around 7 am when he had to leave for work (or else I was walking the two miles to and from school for the day). Many of my friends would get dropped off around 7:30 am so they had some time to hang out before their practices or meetings that normally started at 8:00 am ( school bells rung for the day to start at 9:00 am). April was my favorite month for these hang outs to happen because my two close friends, Anna and Sarah, and me would walk to Valero after the Spurs won a playoff game and get free coffee. Our coffee was normally about half normal coffee and half cappuccino mix: because…

Life: Weight

"Now that you are losing weight, you're actually looking pretty" "I will teach you how to cinch at the waist, for when you decide to finally lose weight"
Direct quotes I have been told over the past month. If you follow me on any form of social media, you know I am kicking butt and taking names to get the weight off. I have lost and kept off about 20 pounds since summer 2016 alone. My journey so far as lead to about 60 pounds. I am currently wearing a smaller size then I wore my senior year in high school ( when my husband and I started dating). I am not sharing this to get a "congrats" or "way to go" or brag on myself, I am sharing to share what changed for me.
I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have struggled with my self image my entire life. I have heard comments like the ones above my entire life from people close to me.  My legit weight loss journey started in 2010- when we started the year by giving up something different…

Life: Adoption, Foster Care and Us

I was in middle school attending a party of sorts at my friend Olivia's house, but this story has nothing to do with her. I had met her brother Colin ( who looked different than Olivia) before but it had not clicked to me that they were not a mixed family household like mine (Dad from England, stepmom and stepbrother from Mexico, stepsister half Mexican and blonde hair blue eyed me). 
My Siblings and Me Incognito
I lived in a bubble where I had not had much interaction or talk about the word adoption other than the Summer Camp and Christian concert pleas to adopt a child monthly(which after this moment I had to drag myself away from each time because I wanted to adopt all the kids but didn't have income of my own at 14 ). That night my eyes, heart and mind were blown open to the world of adoption. I do not completely remember the details of the night, other than walking away with the desire and passion for adoption. In the same explosion of the heart, I felt like I was being lea…

Review: Praying the Psalms

{necessary information} I received this book as a try-me from Tyndale Publishers and the opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and not those of the author or publisher
{transparency} It is hard to review a devotional book when you want to use the book as a devotional book (meaning actually doing one section per day) but you can not because it would be past the review due date. I go back and read it fully as a devo once I have posted the review. 

{review: Praying the Psalms} As noted above, this book is broken down so that it can be done one a day for 150 days ( the amount of Psalms- teehee). The layout of each day: the Psalm typed out, 2 pages of commentary/questions to help reflect on the aforementioned Psalm. I did not feel like the commentary was too teachy, but more thought provoking to help you work through you own thoughts to talk through with God. Some of the days break out specific verses in the commentary. What I really like about this is that since each chapter is fol…

Review: The Polygamist's Daughter

{necessary information} I received this book as a try-me from Tyndale Publishers and the opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and not those of the author or publisher

{transparency} As I am writing this blog, it is #enditmovement (<---from the website):  "END IT is a Coalition of the leading organizations in the world in the fight for FREEDOM. Each of our amazing Coalition Partners are doing the work, on the ground, everyday, to bring AWARENESS, PREVENTION, RESCUE, and RESTORATION." As seen in the picture above, people wear a red x on their hand to raise awareness in daily life, and in sharing with social media circles. It was apropos that I finished this book ( it only took me two days) on the day of this movement. Anna speaks about the slavery she had to endure - child labor and seeing family members (without saying it) trafficked for the gains of her father. This is still happening in our own country. This is still happening in our backyards. 

Review: Doing Good Is Simple by Chris Marlow

{necessary information} I received this book as a part of the Doing Good is Simple launch team and the opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and not those of the author or publisher or launch team

{review: Doing Good is Simple} Chris is open and honest about his experience in calling and in traveling on mission. This book helps you evaluate where you are is where you should serve no matter how big or small it may look you feel to you ( he reminds you that is is all BIG in Gods moving picture). You will not leave reading this book the same, there will be some kind of evaluation of self. I read this book as a part of the launch team but the review is my own opinion. I got the opportunity to be at the launch event and Chris is deff a VERY authentic guy.

{photos of book launch}
Some people have cool items they take along on their adventures, I have been carrying this book as my "flat Stanly" per se. Pictured is the wonderful street taco truck that we ate at during the b…

Review: Play with Fire by Bianca Jaurez Olthoff

{necessary information} I received this book as a part of a launch team and the opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and not those of the author or publisher or launch team

{before reading} Hearing God girls share their stories is such an inspiration. It is especially touching when you are going through a valley or in this case the fire yourself. In May of this year my husband and I walked away from our income in hopes to help the church we were currently serving in, moved away from where we were calling home, and headed to a place that we used to call home. As we sit in waiting, my instant instinct is to go into HurriedPatience mode, but just like Bianca Juarez Olthoff says in the book promo video, " transformation does not happen outside of the fire, transformation happens in the midst of the fire."
{book review} Bianca wrote in a style that is easy to digest and slaps you in the face with each turn of page. She references real life moments that remind you that n…