Life: The Last Decade

I am sitting in front of my computer and trying to process through what I have to say about the past decade. I have had a tearful start to the mornings of this past week as I have tried to do the same. 2017-2018 I have had a struggle with the coming of October 11. The best way to track a decade is start at the beginning.

2008 age 20
     I was a sophomore in college at Oklahoma Baptist University. My roommate and some of our suitemates blindfolded me ( which lead to me falling asleep) enroute to a place I had talked about so highly from when I was touring colleges- POPS 66 Soda Ranch! The thing is that these girls had never been there and it took WAYY longer than it should have to get there but it was soo much fun introducing them to POPS. That weekend I headed to San Antonio with my fiance to get our engagement photos. 

     I got married during my 20th year to the love of my life. We planned our entire wedding in 6 days after I caught the bouquet at his cousins wedding on January 3. …

Life: The Gamble and Win

Today at lunch we were discussing sweet old ladies who enjoy going to casinos. These ladies will share about their wins, but never bring up how much money they have lost in the process. This is kind of like my addiction to contests- I have never kept track of how many I have entered, but love the thrill of the win.

Reverse this, and this is where many of us live. We as humans sit at home and focus on the things we see on social media that we or our children are not doing. I know that at home I have been struggling with the fact that I stay at home and my house isn't put together. I see post after post of peoples seasonal switch outs and amazing recipe creations. I see the perfectly planned and executed birthday parties or family portraits.

I struggled with these things before motherhood, but I think motherhood has magnified it. I have struggled with not having perfect newborn pics, or that we didn't get enough photos at the hospital. I have struggled with the fact that I didn&…

Life: Seven Months

Today my small fry turns seven months old, and its the first time I am sitting down the blog again. 
For someone who loves to write, it has felt a bit odd- however its not like I have just been sitting over here eating bon bons for seven months. Since I last blogged:

January 15th our family grew by two perfect feet, and ten sweet toes. First week in February John flew out the a church interview in VirginiaFirst week in March we trekked across America with our cat and our seven week old and moved to said church in VirginiaMarch and April we were settling into our house and parenthoodApril and May we were getting all of the summer youth and childrens ministry plans laid outJune and July we basically lived at the church as we put on VBS then took the students ( and our 5 month old) to camp at Liberty UniversityEnd of July, my mother and niece came for a visit and to meet our little guy And now somehow we are in mid August and I haven't written since January 1st. I have entered a new s…

Life: Word of 2018

I don’t lean well. I don't sit well. I don't slow well.  I am a power through girl- things are going to get done, no matter what. 
BUT... this year (2018) has to look a little different.
2018 will bring 32 years for hubs (Jan 7)9 years of marriage (Jan 9)30 years of age ( Oct 11)OH YEAH! and a baby no later than January 15th. 
While it was hard to swallow not having a natural birth, we have a very breech baby and will be having a c-section on Jan 15th at the latest- you know because babies sometimes don't like being told when their birthdays will be and decide to bust down the water wall. So we shall see when BABY H will join our rankings within the next two weeks. 
BECAUSE of all of this...
I have considered a few different words to represent my goal in 2018. The first word that came to mind was slow- again if you know me, or have read any of my blogs = I don' t slow well, I am a get up and go girl. I think that there will have to be large doses of slow, especially in t…

Life: What 8 Months Can Do

If you are a follower of my blog, you may remember a little posty poo I wrote back in April titled, "Life: Adoption, Foster Care and Us" (if not check it out) which was the first time I was sharing publicly that I was okay if we never had biological children and a peek into my giant bleeding heart for foster and adoption. Well little did I know that only one month later I would be sitting in a doctor's office being told, " Congratulations, no antibiotics for you- you are pregnant.

Ecclesiastes 3:1, "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."

Why do I ever think I know what God is planning and timing is for my life? God continues to remind this planner obsessed girl that His clock knows better than mine. I have had to lean on that more than anything 8 months after that blog. My husband and I are still praying/seeking/interviewing for guidance on where God has laid out for us next in ministry, and currently will be bri…

Review: More Than Just Making It by Erin Odom

{necessary information} I received this book from the author as a part of the launch team for free. The opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and not those of the author or publisher.

{review: More than Just Making It}  Erin Odom is the woman behind the Humbled Homemaker website, and her book shows just as much of her warmth as her blog. Erin is open and honest and full of grace as she shares her experiences through her own financially frustrated seasons. One thing that I love is that each chapter is sprinkled with bible verses and quotes from other resources she had sought along her journey. Each chapter is an area of life where we get frustrated and specific resources for you to personally seek out if you are in that specific season ( there was one chapter than hit me so hard between the eyes that I had to put down the book and take care of business). Erin reminds us that there is NO SHAME in struggling, and that we are to be open to receive help as well as we offer it. 


Review: You Can Do This by Tricia Lott Williford

Tricia and her book baby
{necessary information} I received this book from the author as a part of the launch team for free. The opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and not those of the author or publisher.

{review: You Can Do This} Tricia is a clear and concise writer detailing some hurtful and raw points in her life. Through every chapter there is a reflection assignment to help you work through the tough spots in your life and find the confidence in Him to work through them. She sprinkles quotes from strong famous people, as well as strong Biblical truths.
In chapter 5 she reminds you that the comment section does not have the right to get you down. On page 62, Tricias therapist reminds us that, " Everybody has a chapter of their life they don't read out loud." She introduced me to 6 word stories- which I am very excited to give a try. In chapter 9 she introduces us to her second love story. "No for now isn't no forever"!!!!
Every chapter ti…