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Color me Christmas

This December was truly a December to remember. 
On the first weekend of advent I spent my morning experiencing all the colors the Lord has made. This is a picture of the after math including the awesome water bottle I won for asking if the water bottle was BPA free ; ) 
The parking lot exit I was in line for shut down and I was waiting the cross into the next line. SOOOO I showed off my RAD tattoo and my awesome colorful nails ( and hand and arm)
This is Chad- Chad is a personal trainer and really good friend of CURTISTASIA. Chad hooked me up with a free pass to run this race, for this we love Chad. We could even say that Chad is Color me RAD! teehee
Now enters the Christmas Colors
All of my blog thus far has been about crazy colors, but from this point forward we will speak of Christmas colors :) Above you will see a picture of sweet MAYA reading the Christmas story of the Christmas Tea at the church CURTISTASIA met at. This sweet lady is one of the students that has attended the pre…


Sometimes you enter a day and you just dont feel like your self, or someone tells you that you are not acting like yourself. The book Still Lolo by Lauren Scruggs and family is about the journey of a young lady who in one fun instance her whole life changed.

Lauren was a normal run of the mill student who was working super hard to have her dreams come true. Like many people, when things are going well you sometimes drift from your beliefs and dont keep them as centerfold. Lauren had realized she was drifting found her way back and then it hit her.
Lauren was visiting a friend during the Christmas season and her whole life changed.

This book covers the highs and lows of the journey Lauren has taken over the past year which includes a visit to a hospital, learning things she already knew, coming to know that she will never be the same but can still be amazing, and family. I would highly recommend this book to athletes, dreamers, Christians that think they are the only ones that push aw…

the christmas card that never came

I was told that a "friend" of mine had sent me a Christmas card. To most people this would not be a big deal but it has become hard for me to swallow because many of our "friends" that also know my in-laws have begun to send this residence "To the FAMILY" cards. Which is all fine and dandy except that we are all the same last name and we all know the senders well. Well I come to find out there was no card and I was a little bummed. This is kinda like when you steal someones drink thinking it was something sugary and cold and it ends up being semi warm iced tea.

My prayer life isnt perfect- and thank goodness HE doesnt it expect it to be. Expecting a card is just that, an expectations and God doesnt say he will grant all your wants and expectations. Christ says in Matt 6
"Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father kn…

All I want for Christmas is a girl best friend

I have been asked many a times who my best friend is. I have mentioned a few times ______ is my best friend, but when it comes down to it the person does not reciprocate that feeling/thought.

One thing that has always dwelled in my heart is maybe I am not close enoughp to God to qualify for a best friend- in the word it is said that I should find refuge and strength in Him, so it would make sense that I need to be more on him before I trust a BFF.

I have been burned by many a woman in my life. It was hard growing up with my mom somewhere else and not feeling like I had a woman confidant or someone to watch be a woman and learn how to r one. So I pieced together my "woman picture".

It is said that if God puts you to it, He alone will pull you through it. I know I have two awesome bffs- God and Curtis and maybe one day I will have a female BFF but until then I will watch Center Stage and A Walk to Remember and when I feel I need to cry I will shout to Yahweh, the only way to…

on the first day of advent

I made some awesome steps during my thanksgiving thanks giving challenge- I was able to tell a few people that even if somedays the things that tore us apart hurt, they have helped form me into the coach, teacher, woman I am today. NO IT IS NOT ALWAYS EASY but it paid off.

Christmas reminds me that that I did not grow up in a normal holiday family.  Moms family lives in America ( everywhere) and my dads side lives in England. I remember growing up and hearing that kids said they were going to grandmas house for the holiday and I found it lucky if I could see her in a five year span.

- Anastasia

wof baby- late

This year I was able to attend my very first Women of Faith and the best part was- I only had to pay for parking : )  ( also note the brown hair that I had dyed about an hour before with a Revlon $3 box). The even cooler part was that I didnt have to attend "alone" ( without anyone I specifically planned on being there with), I received two tickets from Women of Faith for being a part of #LeadingandLovingit  and then the girl next to me was not going to be able to attend so I got TWO more tickets : ) I was going to be able to invite 3 people. As soon as I got in the car God started tugging and I knew he had a plan greater than me inviting three people I knew ( my plan was my mother in law, a fellow ministry leader and probably my sister in law).

I prayed and prayed and one day ran into a mommy at my church who had also been the vbs leader- alot of planning goes into VBS and for no pay- check : ) The next week I attended SYATP with my hubby ( the youth pastor). We went to a …