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2014 Retrospective

Well well, 2015 snuck up on the Huffman- but want to look back at 2014.
tick tock, tick tock- we spent time waiting on our call- our 2013 ended after a whippity skippity trip to Indianapolis and knew that in Gods timing we would be finding out if and when we would take our next adventure. So before the end of January we knew our new journey would be to Indiana, and it would be soon. I ended my time at Gracepoint and subbed at Churchill Baptist until we got the news. Went to the San Antonio Zoo one last time for our 5th anniversary and what would be our last anni in SA ( for free due to the Spurs winning). We enjoyed seeing GHOST with friends before receiving our call and making final prep for our move to Indy.


Good byes are hard,  especially when they are family, friends and food. Both of us were born and raised in South Texas and even when we moved to Oklahoma for 9 months in 2008-2009 for school at OBU- San Antonio was still home. Basically our whole married life we …

Waiting and Breathing Easy

I have heard the saying, " breath easy," alot, but there is never explanation behind how it works.


The NO Girl

If you know me personally, which I think I can pretty much gather that 99.9 percent of my readers do, then you know I do not say no. When someone asks me to do something I try my hardest to do it and if I can not make it I let the person know why without saying no. This has burned me and I have been walked all over by many of people.

I really enjoy being a part of teams, and feeling included- so I think this is the main reason that I do not say no. Some one once said that if you turn something or someone down once they are less likely to seek you out in the service for something. I don't know why I hang on so deeply to something that someone said- with no definite time or person to tie it to. But how often do we do that, base our feelings on a specific thought we were once told but never sought a second opinion, and we run around saying "they say...".

I am pretty sure the only "they say..." we should be adhering to is the Bible. Cliche, pastors wife answer, may…


So as many of you know, I moved to Indiana in February :) whoowoo!! Since arriving there have been a few conversations about accents/dialects. I am a through and true Texan- via another Texas and an English man. To the general public I do not sound like I have a Texas accent until you put me around others that have heavy accents from ANYWHERE and somehow my Texan comes out :) EXCEPT--- the fact that I without even thinking about it use YALL (ALL THE TIME). For me to not use YALL, I have to truly think about it and stumble out you all or most of the time when I do it comes out "you and him and her" because YALL comes SOOO naturally. One of our students corrects me constantly to "you all" which upsets me. I told him the other day," would you tell someone from England to stop speaking with a British accent?" and he replied no. So I told him that it would be the same with my use of YALL. To which of course he argued but how often do we hear someone speaking t…