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Indianapolis Holiday Market

I am at it again ladies and gents! I attended the 2014 Holiday Market that the Junior League of Indianapolis hosted ( for those of you  keeping count last year I attended in San Antonio due to the fact that I lived in San Antonio). I wanted to share with you some of my favorite vendors in hopes that you will support this wonderful cause in attending their show through November 13-16. 
Find out more about the Indy Junior League here!

Cozy Cabana I have already chosen my Christmas present as pictured above(anchor bracelet!! but she also has monogram bracelets and other goodies too)- this is Cozy Cabana and she is as sweet as they get. Everything is customizable and created by her- she is adding new product too! She (and a few other vendors) have JLI Holiday Market specials for those who come and see her at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. 
The below three vendors were in the Mistletoe area where there were smaller tables being run by the JLI staff and are all local vendors. 
SEE Salt How creati…