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Life: Word of 2018

I don’t lean well. I don't sit well. I don't slow well.  I am a power through girl- things are going to get done, no matter what. 
BUT... this year (2018) has to look a little different.
2018 will bring 32 years for hubs (Jan 7)9 years of marriage (Jan 9)30 years of age ( Oct 11)OH YEAH! and a baby no later than January 15th. 
While it was hard to swallow not having a natural birth, we have a very breech baby and will be having a c-section on Jan 15th at the latest- you know because babies sometimes don't like being told when their birthdays will be and decide to bust down the water wall. So we shall see when BABY H will join our rankings within the next two weeks. 
BECAUSE of all of this...
I have considered a few different words to represent my goal in 2018. The first word that came to mind was slow- again if you know me, or have read any of my blogs = I don' t slow well, I am a get up and go girl. I think that there will have to be large doses of slow, especially in t…