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Life: The Last Decade

I am sitting in front of my computer and trying to process through what I have to say about the past decade. I have had a tearful start to the mornings of this past week as I have tried to do the same. 2017-2018 I have had a struggle with the coming of October 11. The best way to track a decade is start at the beginning.

2008 age 20
     I was a sophomore in college at Oklahoma Baptist University. My roommate and some of our suitemates blindfolded me ( which lead to me falling asleep) enroute to a place I had talked about so highly from when I was touring colleges- POPS 66 Soda Ranch! The thing is that these girls had never been there and it took WAYY longer than it should have to get there but it was soo much fun introducing them to POPS. That weekend I headed to San Antonio with my fiance to get our engagement photos. 

     I got married during my 20th year to the love of my life. We planned our entire wedding in 6 days after I caught the bouquet at his cousins wedding on January 3. …