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"You can't eat that..."

I was standing in the kitchen about a week ago and my oldest nephew turned to me and said, " you cant eat that, hand it over." I sat there and said, " why can't I eat this?" I was referencing a small piece of dark chocolate I had taken out of my in-laws candy jar. He came back at me saying, " because you are vegan." 

     Since January 2013, my hubby and me have been making great strides to have a more vegan way of life. We have not eaten meat since November of 2011, and had been toying with the idea of going fully vegan. In March of this year, we ate some cheese and I automatically had crazy amounts of mucous (sorry for sharing ) and caused a sinus infection and earaches like it did when I was younger and told I was allergic to milk.
     You are an individual, you have your own likes and dislikes, and you eat what you want. When someone is eating meat and jokes ab…

What I blog about?

I was asked earlier this week what I blogged about. It really got me thinking. I must have had a point to why I started and what I wanted to write about when I started, right? I can not for the life of me think of it any more. I have known since I was in elementary school that I would write, ever since my first Haiku I ever wrote got published in a district paper and hung on the wall of the school for everyone to see. I have thought a few times who I am blogging for, because when I have posted I wonder if anyone is reading it or if what I am writing is worth being published to the web. Maybe I am just talking to myself, and maybe that was the point.

Things I blog about, and/ or what to blog about:

Books- I have always had a great joy in reading as well as writing, and during my four years of college I neglected my personal reading( and much of my text book reading- you know you did too). Back in Nov of 12, I was snooping around the I AM Second site and came across an opportunity to rea…