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Life: The Gamble and Win

Today at lunch we were discussing sweet old ladies who enjoy going to casinos. These ladies will share about their wins, but never bring up how much money they have lost in the process. This is kind of like my addiction to contests- I have never kept track of how many I have entered, but love the thrill of the win.

Reverse this, and this is where many of us live. We as humans sit at home and focus on the things we see on social media that we or our children are not doing. I know that at home I have been struggling with the fact that I stay at home and my house isn't put together. I see post after post of peoples seasonal switch outs and amazing recipe creations. I see the perfectly planned and executed birthday parties or family portraits.

I struggled with these things before motherhood, but I think motherhood has magnified it. I have struggled with not having perfect newborn pics, or that we didn't get enough photos at the hospital. I have struggled with the fact that I didn&…