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(IN)courage (EN)courage (COURAGE)

I have been thinking about these words. (IN)COURAGE was the name of a cute little paper/gift boutique around the corner from the Starbucks I frequented during college. I might have been a bit obsessed with it due to the amount of pink, glitter, and stationary that they carried but lets not get off topic :)

Encourage is defined by my buddy Marriam-Webster as:

     -To make (someone) more determined, hopeful, or confident.

     -To make (something) more appealing or more likely to happen.

     -To make (someone) more likely to do something: to tell or advise 
      (someone) to do something

but being the dictionary connoisseur that I am it really brought me the idea of courage which Merriam simply says: the ability to do something you know is difficult or dangerous.

I think what I am finding is we are called to be all three of these words.

"Be strong and COURAGEous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He w…


I am not normally on that whats to share photos of my body ( but that is another post for another day). Below you will see a picture of my wearing my Holiday Cheerleader with a tank top that comes past my bum.

I have been participating in Dressember:

"Dressember uses fashion to advocate for women who've been exploited for their femininity. As women take on the creative challenge of wearing a dress for the 31 days of December, they are advocating for the inherent dignity of all women."  (expert from the website)

     I have in the past two years been heightened to the need when it comes to human trafficking. I worked for a mission organization that had a group that was working towards human trafficking prevention: Hope61 and then came to know more through A21. So I decided to take part in Dressember 2015. In this picture you will see that I am not specifically wearing a dress- but what had really gotten to me the night before I wore this outfit is that the women we are…