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Life: Seven Months

Today my small fry turns seven months old, and its the first time I am sitting down the blog again. 
For someone who loves to write, it has felt a bit odd- however its not like I have just been sitting over here eating bon bons for seven months. Since I last blogged:

January 15th our family grew by two perfect feet, and ten sweet toes. First week in February John flew out the a church interview in VirginiaFirst week in March we trekked across America with our cat and our seven week old and moved to said church in VirginiaMarch and April we were settling into our house and parenthoodApril and May we were getting all of the summer youth and childrens ministry plans laid outJune and July we basically lived at the church as we put on VBS then took the students ( and our 5 month old) to camp at Liberty UniversityEnd of July, my mother and niece came for a visit and to meet our little guy And now somehow we are in mid August and I haven't written since January 1st. I have entered a new s…