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So I was reflecting on the time I have spent Blogging #flackbackfriday to May 2011. A month or so in I came into a place where I was trying to set goals and see where I was going to go in life. Below you will find the list I complied.
be a bridesmaid in a wedding run a half marathon own my own car adopt a child write a book NYC Travel to England to see/meet my family Snow Ski Own Cowgirl Boots Buy something at Lululemon do a mini- Triathalon Be on a council/ run for an office be a fiesta/event royalty So I have only crossed one item off the list, and that is a-okay. We are in process for foster with hopes to foster to adopt. One day I still hope to travel to England and NYC- and now I live a lot closer to both.The discussion on my progress of each one could go on and on but honestly some would be excuses and nobody has time for that.

I have moved forward from this list, and honestly I have forgotten this list, along with the state(Texas)/state of mind I was in when I created this lis…