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HowTo: Blog a Book Review

I love big books and I can not lie, so when I got wind that companies would send me books for free in return for my honest review I jumped on board VERY quickly.  I am two things by nature: a cheerleader and a coach/teacher, which are also the two things you need to be when reviewing a book.

Cheerleader: When you are reading a book regardless of your end feelings about the book, there will be somethings that you like. Share specific details ( quotes, pages, chapters) of those things that you found interesting, informative or just plain made you laugh out loud. If you have a photo you took or were given by the author share it on the blog and on social media. 
Coach: Though the author of the book you review may never read your review, and we are not here to rip apart authors. We are here to be honest. If there is something in the reading that did not set well with you, share it. If there is something you see that doesn't align with your beliefs or is false, share it. But if you do fin…