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Life: Recap Word of Year


I chose the word reliance for 2018 because I was expecting a child and knew that delivery was going to be a c-section. I knew that I am a pack mule and do things all by myself but that post surgery and adding a new little body to the mix. I was trying to give myself the goal of leaning on others, but did I do it well?

Reliance took a few different turns in 2019.

Jan 15: C-Section
     I knew that day I had to rely on those around me because I was not going to be able to do much. I had fear walking into the delivery room because I was about to have a major surgery and major life change all at once. I relied on God to keep myself and the baby safe through the surgery, and to keep John from feeling overwhelmed. I relied on my doctors and the nurses advice during the whole process.
The funny thing was that I tried to call the nurses to go the the bathroom as told, and they said if I felt comfortable I could go on my own- haha! What came out of reliance in the hospital was that I …