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Where'd all the Good People Go?

For one of my classes we had to come up with our own creative morality to live by and I wanted to share it with you.

"Jack Johnson sings a song called , " Where'd all the Good People Go?", and this is a very good question. Moralities were things that in the past were common, but now its become like a "cult" of different people. I do not see it likes this but describe it like this because I am a Christian and a lot of the time am defending that this is how it is not. Moralities are a big thing of life but many people find them as a hindrance- but them seeing it like that is a morality for them.

The morality of Patience is one that I have been personally working on. To fall into this group you must be willing to give up instant gratification.
Microwaves are a no-noDown loading music online the day that it is released is not allowedDrive through window's are impersonal and you end up wasting more gas.You must wait until the physical pay day to spen…

too good not to blog right away

so today has already been interesting. my in-laws dog( that Curtis carried home 14 years ago in his hands) already has health issues, but today she got super sick again and had to go to the doc. Automatically we all started thinking that this would be goodbye but the doctor drugged her up and sent her on her way.

Since we thought this would be goodbye, Curtis and I got into the conversation about putting animals down. Neither of us like this option- in which I turned to my cat and said " Please run away when you need to die." So Curtis was asked what Prissy had done to receive the lethal injection, "did she rob a bank?" "did she murder?"- when I input that she did bite. So we went through a list of ways that are still not right but made us take our mind from Prissy: Lizard being put on a electroplate, as he changes colors then passes, a bird hanging where he never dies because he can fly, and a shoot out between cat and dog. As this conversation begins to …

where my life over laps

Due to some technical difficulties with my schools eportfolio link, and the fact that I do not want to juggle numerous log-ins and sites: my blog is now going to double as my school blog. This being my school blog means I will be posting about research and what it means to my life and my degree. Do not lose interest- I will be posting life blogs in between too :)
All in the name of higher education.
Until then...

first day of "summer"

On this the first day of Summer at work, I find myself reflecting on the past "year". The kiddos are twice the size they were last "year" and I am still working towards my same goals.
- God's plan which may or may not include the things below this line
- School
- Weight Loss
- Running
- Reading

I did do myself a favor last night, the last night of my break from school because summer school started today, and finished a really great book I think I started at Christmas. I was only ever able to read it in the car and we have not done many long trips this year. The book was "Unlikely Disciple" by Kevin Roose and I highly recommend it. It is about a non christian student from a secular school doing their study abroad at Liberty University. I am glad I chose to read this and not some girl falls in love book. I was completely satisfied with the choice. I think that God showed Curtis this book for me because I came from the same kind of household/family/background …