October Daze

So I recently noted that I have not posted since August 1st, and if you saw my blue calender you would understand why. I am enjoying working for the school I am working for, I am learning how to be a yearbook teacher instead of a yearbook doer. The church has been good, just trying to adjust to being involved only in the youth--- and not having anyone around my age. I am juggling pretty well. I got really stressed out when I did not get to be home much at the end of September/ the first few weeks of October. Things are finally starting to settle down/ in. I am finding home in my classroom and in our youth room.

I was told by a co- worker about a week ago, " I wonder where you will be a year from now?" and I jokingly said, " Painting another Noahs Ark mural." She said she was expecting me to fly out of the pre-school into bigger and better things. The whole time I am thinking she is trying to kick me out and she doesnt know what God has planned ( and neither do I). I have tried to stop guessing what God is doing and going to do, He is the GREAT SURPRISER! <3 I am praying for understanding with professors, clarification through my growth as a communicator, and love as I mess up : )

My new goal is to use the Lords Prayer as a basis for a prayer journal. Writing and doodling brings peace in stressful thought processes, and in hopes to better give it all to Him, I am going to try to notate it all.

Until the Next Surprise : )


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