So this is a duplicate posting from my fairy tale blog in reflection of my unit on Little Red Riding Hood. I thought that it was good enough to repeat:

The stories of Grimm allow a person to take a break from reality, and pretend. When a child wraps their head around the child plot and meaning, they begin to day dream and pretend this could be them. Where do we draw the line of letting a child have dreams and crushing things that can not happen? Maybe this is why I am not yet a mother, but I have worked in pre-school for two years now and I am actually the least likely candidate to crush any child dream. I knew when I was younger that I would end up in New York, some way some how, and look at me- I am going to school in New York ( online of course but who is really checking?)

Maybe Grimm ( and all the other writers/dreamers/ creators) were right, we need to take a break from the serious, let our minds wander, and see where our hearts really want to be. With that said, I have spent my entire afternoon contemplating this blog and applying to work for Conde Nast in New York City.

Curtis and I came to the realization that we are willing to move on, if that is where God has called us. I have always put my thoughts on the back burner because Curtis was called to ministry? BUT what about my calling? Does God choose one calling over another? We have prayed to see that we both have calling and we don't know who God wants to use right now, so we are being open to any and all adventures.

tomorrow is a new day, and maybe there will be some light shed on this topic


  1. "A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams."
    John Barrymore

    Don't give up on your dreams. Listen to God, he has a plan! I'll pray for His guidance in your lives.


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