So I was reflecting on the time I have spent Blogging #flackbackfriday to May 2011. A month or so in I came into a place where I was trying to set goals and see where I was going to go in life. Below you will find the list I complied.
  • be a bridesmaid in a wedding 
  • run a half marathon 
  • own my own car 
  • adopt a child 
  • write a book 
  • NYC 
  • Travel to England to see/meet my family 
  • Snow Ski 
  • Own Cowgirl Boots 
  • Buy something at Lululemon 
  • do a mini- Triathalon 
  • Be on a council/ run for an office 
  • be a fiesta/event royalty
So I have only crossed one item off the list, and that is a-okay. We are in process for foster with hopes to foster to adopt. One day I still hope to travel to England and NYC- and now I live a lot closer to both.The discussion on my progress of each one could go on and on but honestly some would be excuses and nobody has time for that.

I have moved forward from this list, and honestly I have forgotten this list, along with the state(Texas)/state of mind I was in when I created this list. God has chosen to #wreckthislife and I love it! We don't have control, does this mean to not set a plan?: No, but we do need to know that ultimately all plans are in his hands and to faithfully and prayerfully enter into all plan making with the understanding that it may not look like we think.

A normal almost 27 year old would have marked some of these things off this list prior to when it was written a few years ago. I struggle when I am mocked for not doing one of these things specifically but I have to remember that its not my timing, its HIS plan and what else do I need than that?

planning on blogging more...

we will see how that goes....


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