should not have done that

since april I have been saying I was going to avoid Facebook because I was extremely saddened by the fact that I am not graduating on my four year plan :( you say" plans change for a reason" but as an elementary student I knew that I would go to school for a communications degree of some sort and I would graduate 4 years from my high school graduation and then visit family in England or go to Grad School.

I am choking back tears. I do not want the end of May to come and me not have my degree. I kinda wish today would freeze, or that I just have to take a hiatus from Facebook until next year.

So instead of following my own sanity and avoiding fb I search for it because I heard the song "Chicken Fry" which reminds me of my only college room mate other than my husband. seeing her and all our sisters( from Theta Sigma Chi)  posting about their graduation or amazing summers. grrr....

one day I will listen to my own advice.
until then....


  1. I wish I would have avoided facebook all this weekend for pretty much the same reason as you. However, I am going on year 6 of college.. :-/ So, now your 4 years doesn't too bad, huh? ;-)

    Don't worry about not finishing in four years. It's really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. You are striving towards your goal, and that's the absolute best thing you can do.

    And remember, the best thing that ever happened to you, happened to you while you were in college. You got married! :-)

    Keep your head up, and remember you are still way ahead of me!! :-)



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