I am lost in translation of (who, what) a friend is in the world anymore. I am in a conversation and someone mentions a name( and since I have a crazy memory- and know almost everyone I have ever met or seen) I do not know how to classify anyone.
Are they my friends?
I feel like I have people whom fall into the following categories:
  • co-workers whom I chit chat with but does not seem to remember whats going on in my life long enough to pretend to care
  • people who want me to babysit
  • classmates online who do not even know much about me beyond my name. they do not even remember that I am from another state( even though I constantly remind them in each post)
  • people from middle school, high school, college that I run into constantly.
  • parents of kids that I spend time with all day.
  • family that I barely see or talk to
  • fellow church goers
  • people that my husband talks to and their wives who sometimes talk to me
am I the only one who feels like this? am I being too over critical? I just don't want to be the person to call someone a friend and over hear the conversation " oh we are not friends- i just know her".

I went to a small group tonight and expressed my reasoning for wanting to be apart because I am seeking friendships. Can Fb make a new selection to be "real friends"?
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  1. I had a nice long comment and it got deleted! lol so I will try to recap what i said :-)

    I can totally understand where you are coming from, because often times I am saddened by the same exact thing. I know it is tough, especially being in school, and being an online student nonetheless. But know, that I consider you a friend!! Even though we met through an online class, and have only spoke once on the phone, and mostly via online class or facebook, I still feel like your a friend. And I can't wait to meet you. I know that once we meet, it will seem like we have been friends for a long time!!

    That is one thing I LOVE about facebook. Facebook allows us to get to know each other so much more than just communicating through an online class.

    Hold your head up, because I know that once you get out of school, you will feel a much larger feeling of belonging/friendships :-)



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