first day of "summer"

On this the first day of Summer at work, I find myself reflecting on the past "year". The kiddos are twice the size they were last "year" and I am still working towards my same goals.
- God's plan which may or may not include the things below this line
- School
- Weight Loss
- Running
- Reading

I did do myself a favor last night, the last night of my break from school because summer school started today, and finished a really great book I think I started at Christmas. I was only ever able to read it in the car and we have not done many long trips this year. The book was "Unlikely Disciple" by Kevin Roose and I highly recommend it. It is about a non christian student from a secular school doing their study abroad at Liberty University. I am glad I chose to read this and not some girl falls in love book. I was completely satisfied with the choice. I think that God showed Curtis this book for me because I came from the same kind of household/family/background as the author and it made me who I am today.

Weight Loss- I have taken a lazy approach at but am glad I made the lifestyle change to only eat foods that are in season. Curtis and I have become obsessed with the Farmers Market at Pearl Brewery and visit at least once a week. My plan is to cut back on my fried and sweet intake.

Running- since I had pnuemonia I have lost the want to run because I am scared but also because I don't have a partner since Hubby is down for the count with his injury. My goal right now is to build endurance through breath training in the pool :) another thing I am tippy toeing back into.

This summer I will be enthralled with school. I will work at a school, go to CUNY and CLEP two courses all before Labor Day. Pray for me :)


  1. Girl, I definitely hear you on the weight loss goal. JOnathan and I are wanting to start trying to have kids in September, after our 2 and a half year late honeymoon. So I am really trying to slim down before we start trying. I have been doing the "30 day shred" by jillian michaels, but I don't feel like it is enough of a work out. So I have decided that starting next week I am going to start doing 2 a days. In the mornings, I will do a work out video and then in the evenings, I will go running. Hopefully with Jonathan, because I have no motivation by myself. :-(

    What kind of work out/ running plan do you have? I need to find a good running plan I like..

    Keep up the good work. I know its hard. :-)


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