Color me Christmas

This December was truly a December to remember. 

On the first weekend of advent I spent my morning experiencing all the colors the Lord has made. This is a picture of the after math including the awesome water bottle I won for asking if the water bottle was BPA free ; ) 

The parking lot exit I was in line for shut down and I was waiting the cross into the next line. SOOOO I showed off my RAD tattoo and my awesome colorful nails ( and hand and arm)

This is Chad- Chad is a personal trainer and really good friend of CURTISTASIA. Chad hooked me up with a free pass to run this race, for this we love Chad. We could even say that Chad is Color me RAD! teehee

Now enters the Christmas Colors

All of my blog thus far has been about crazy colors, but from this point forward we will speak of Christmas colors :) Above you will see a picture of sweet MAYA reading the Christmas story of the Christmas Tea at the church CURTISTASIA met at. This sweet lady is one of the students that has attended the preteen camp I have been rec leader during the past two years. It brought a tear to my eyes hearing her read and looking so grown up. 

 If your happy and you know it, HUGS for everyone!!! I work for the most giving company : ) The pic above is the lil gymnast on Kens 5 for Bills Elves where the families from the gym donated toys for Bill to donate to the childrens homes in SA. IT was really fun to get to deliver and take pictures while on TV : )
Curtis got the amazing honor of being Santy Claws on our float for the Helotes Holiday Parade. Our theme was Nightmare before Christmas and he ended up being tied up by lights the whole parade. Pictured below is the rest of the staff ( including Oogey Boogey Cory) and our 3rd place ribbon. 

CHRIST Centered December 

 Tub: The wooden tub above is the baptismal at Oak Hills Church where a dear friend was baptized because he knew he was baptized as a baby but felt he wanted to show as an adult he had made the choice to follow Christ. Curtis and I were super blessed to be invited to be a part of this occasion as this friend had been a part of our special time too. Book: The book titled, " Live Second," by Doug Bender. I was honored to be a part of the promo team. I do not feel that I did 100 percent of what I should have done to get the word of the book out but I spent time praying for the ones who would receive the book and even gave it to people that I will be praying for in the new year as they journey though the book. It is a 365 devotional that is by I AM Second and has QR codes to the I AM Second videos that many popular artist, sports players, and company faces have made. 

This giant teddy bear represents the 255 bears we donated to Child Safe: the organization that helps children who have been dealing with abuse and their process of healing. Curtis and I have taken them on as our mission project and also collected 31 stockings for children that would not get to be with their families for Christmas because they are separated at the current moment. 

 I am all about christmas decor. The tree is a pic from my favorite and only vegan restaurant Vegaria, and that day my tastebuds were all giddy for eating vegan tamales this year ; 0 ) the other pic is a ridiculous 15 foot reindeer in our neighborhood. 

As you can see my December was busy ( and this is just the abridged version- aka what I took pictures of). Things that are missing pics would be : youth christmas party, church cantata, the gym performing at the Spurs game, and day to day excitement. As I step into the next month/year I hope to slow down a little and smell the fire ( because flowers are not toooo native for January)

happy new month/year


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