"You can't eat that..."

     I was standing in the kitchen about a week ago and my oldest nephew turned to me and said, " you cant eat that, hand it over." I sat there and said, " why can't I eat this?" I was referencing a small piece of dark chocolate I had taken out of my in-laws candy jar. He came back at me saying, " because you are vegan." 

     Since January 2013, my hubby and me have been making great strides to have a more vegan way of life. We have not eaten meat since November of 2011, and had been toying with the idea of going fully vegan. In March of this year, we ate some cheese and I automatically had crazy amounts of mucous (sorry for sharing ) and caused a sinus infection and earaches like it did when I was younger and told I was allergic to milk.
     You are an individual, you have your own likes and dislikes, and you eat what you want. When someone is eating meat and jokes about being a carnivore, people dont call them out for eating vegetables. Why do people decide they have to call out a vegan for slipping up and eating a piece of cheese or something that has egg in it?
     Romans 3:23 says, " We ALL FALL SHORT..." I know some vegans sit around and pass judgment on others for what they eat, but I am not one of those. I just try to make a strong effort to make sure what I am eating is good for me. So when you invite me over I am going to bring something blatantly vegan, not because I am trying to shove it down your throat but because I am trying to make an effort to not eat animal product. And you know, you might actually like my vegan goodies toO! As my mother in law puts it- I like vegan food but at the end of the day I enjoy my big juicy steak.


    So my nephew took the chocolate out of my hand and said," umm that chocolate might be poisoned and I have to evaluate it." He repeated it again and again after I would grab another one, and he ended up eating three or four and I ate my one piece of chocolate that had no milk- but shhh I dont want him to know I poisoned him with vegan food
; 0 )


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