What I blog about?

I was asked earlier this week what I blogged about. It really got me thinking. I must have had a point to why I started and what I wanted to write about when I started, right? I can not for the life of me think of it any more. I have known since I was in elementary school that I would write, ever since my first Haiku I ever wrote got published in a district paper and hung on the wall of the school for everyone to see. I have thought a few times who I am blogging for, because when I have posted I wonder if anyone is reading it or if what I am writing is worth being published to the web. Maybe I am just talking to myself, and maybe that was the point.

Things I blog about, and/ or what to blog about:

  • Books- I have always had a great joy in reading as well as writing, and during my four years of college I neglected my personal reading( and much of my text book reading- you know you did too). Back in Nov of 12, I was snooping around the I AM Second site and came across an opportunity to read and review the lastest book then after that I found out about a publisher that would like you review books if you blogged about them. I have really enjoyed blogging about books and sharing my reviews with Amazon and Barnes. 
  • Bible studies- I have not had any experience/time to do this yet but my hope is to review bible studie series as I finish them ( look forward to a post about Esther by Beth Moore in two months or so) 
  • Causes- I enjoy doing 5k races and I intently research the causes behind the races. I participate in other local Christian outreach groups and will also be talking about those ministries. 
  • Food- if you are my facebook or twitter friend you would know that I am a weirdo : ) aka veganish and I say ish because I eat honey. When I find a really good blogger- I will review the foods I try from their sites and most likely put a crazy spin on it. I add cayenne to almost ANYTHING : ) I would love to get to review free goodies from VeganCuts or other cool vegan foodie groups but have not gotten that privilege yet. 
  • Pinterest- I am venturing into my crafty side and want to see if the cool things I see on there work 
  • and last but not least the personal stuff... ministry, major life events of past & present, and so much more
Story behind the title of the blog:
Hurried Patience
I can attest that God has taught my husband and me some rowdy amounts of patience in the first four years of marriage. The hurried part comes from the fact that I am a planner ( and am obsessed with calendars  and like to have things laid out in a, b, and c. Well as many of you know, God doesn't work in our abc ways. When I became a Christian I became second, when I married I became second again- I put God first in my life as a Christian and as a ministers wife I put my husbands calling to God above my own desires- dont get me wrong, I do not in any way dislike this and knew that I signed up for this : ) at a very young age my dad would joke that one day I would marry a minister and waala I did it and take it as a very serious calling. So as much as I want to hurry things along, patience has been a life lesson. 

With all that said, I think the blog is about me unwinding who I am and not being defined as what I do ( even though they are the puzzle pieces of who I am). Its complex and simple all in one go. You can follow along on the journey or not, I am not phased. A dream would to be able to have a lot of followers but I dont know what Gods plan is in that department yet, and I know that like most of things in my life I will just have to wait and see- have some HURRIED PATIENCE :) 

Ill be waiting...



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