The One Year Holy Land Moments Devotional Review

**Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for the purposes of reviewing it, these opinions are my own.****

It has been a long time since I last blogged. There have been many season changed in 2013, I have chosen for this rocky season to be filled with God up front and fully instead of getting frustrated and taking it into my own hands and eventually giving it to Him. I think thats the way he likes it too!

As part of that journey, I am seeking His face and trying to learn more by reading amazing theologian and christian womens books. The most recent read through I have done, and will start doing as a daily devotional on my birthday! is," The One Year Holy Land Moments Devotional," by Rabbi Yechiel Echstein and Dr. Tremper Longman III. 

The subtitle piece explains why I REALLY wanted to get to review and read this book, " Inspiring Reflections on Scripture from a Jewish Rabbi and a Christian Theologian." 
When I was in high school I was a part of PALS (Peer Assistance and Leadership, my group basically describes this pairing: a jew, a mormon, a catholic, baptist and non church goer. The one thing we could all agree on was that someone elses view on a writing helps us see a different side of our own beliefs. 

This book is very thorough on including bible references and has a sabbath/ 7th day reflection days. Includes indexing if you would like to jump around and follow through the bible.   


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