a Facebook Friend/ fellow blogger WondHerful did this last week and I was pretty interested in doing it too :)

Alphabet of thanks
A: Apples
B:  Books
C: Curtis
D: Dad
E: Embroidery
F: gluten free FLOUR
G: Grace Point Church
H: Huffman (my in-laws)
I: ice
J: Jaek the Cat
K: Keepsakes
L: Leading and Loving It and Leading and Loving It Local
M: Mom
N: NorthRock Church
O: Oral Communications
P: Pie
Q: Queen of England
R: Rebel T3
S: Starbucks and SnoCones
T: Tyndale Blog Network
U:  Unglued ( thank you Lysa Turkerst)
V: Vegan goodies at the grocery store
W: Worship
X: eXtra sleep :) when I can fit it in
Y: Youversion
Z: Zoo :)

there is so much more than this list that I am thankful for, but it sure is a good start :)


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