Just the other day I was speaking with my mom about how I needed to get back on the saddle and continue blogging, so today I saw a post on Facebook that instead of saying little snippets of what I felt on the topic I would write it as a whole.

A new friend pastor friend of mine posted today about the term wedlock. Of course many of my readers know that I have a strong love for dictionary and nickname in middle school was dictionarybarbie because I was ridiculously dictionary oriented, so I went to my good friend the dictionary to verify I understood what the term meant.

Merriam Webster said wedlock is the state of being married. In thinking about the break down of the word though, the first part does mean marriage (wed- to bring or join {two things} together). Then the second part of the word "-lock" has a few different definitions but for the point of this blog I will say it can be a combination of lock(noun) where the fourth definition is "one that is assured or success or favorable outcome" and lock (verb) to fasten with. Both of these definitions would lead me to paint of picture of a completed action, it is together and it is together well.

So when you break down the two parts of the word you see my outlook of weded eternally, which is suppose to be the ultimate outcome of marriage, always and forever- till death do us part. This does not mean that those marriages who seem to not be working out should be like King Henry the VIII of England and off with your wifes head, nor should any wives be finding poison for their husbands. What this means is that we should be looking deeply at the commitment that comes along with marriage and vows that you are saying and taking. We have taken the word wedlock and put "out of.." in front of it in its most used form, when really we should be using the world wedlock as a promise to our spouses and take the serious nature of the adage you some times hear the joke, "you're stuck with me".

As for the "out of wedlock" part of the terminology, we should take that out of our terminology because the more definitions and chatter we give to topics like having children out of wedlock we are making seem like its okay because it has terminology attached to it.

This of course is a really touchy subject for ANYbody to write about, and was quite a strong topic for getting back onto the saddle, but when we skirt around topics or ignore them altogether we are doing a disservice to ourselves and our maker.

I would love to hear your thought on what I have said, pro or con.

tata for now 

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