One Day Without Shoes

As some of you may know, today is One Day Without Shoes Day.... but many of you may not know. This day is encouraged/sponsored/planned by Toms Shoes, the buy one give one organization, and for those of you who have not heard about this company take a look at a college campus or music festival and you will probably lay eyes on a pair or more.

For those of you who have watched me grow up, the concept of NOT wearing shoes comes VERY naturally to me. I remember days when my husband and I were dating and my father would see me leave the house without shoes and say," child where are you shoes, get back in the house and get them," to which I would reply," don't worry dad I left some in Curtis' car." These conversations happened ALOT, and I don't regret not liking shoes :) not liking shoes led me to my purchase of Vibram Five Finger Shoes and eventually my first pair of Toms ( feel like I am wearing nothing).

So I think it was the first year I was caught not wearing shoes that I was presented with a pov (point of view) on ODWS (one day without shoes) that REALLY got me thinking.
" Do you think the people who do not have shoes would like that someone that has shoes is running around not wearing the shoes they own?" 
I think for me I reflect back to the fact that I do not like wearing shoes ANYWAYS but I do realize that this is a very good point. I own shoes: I own shoes that were bought to enable shoes to be given back to the community, I own shoes that feel like I am not wearing shoes,  and I own shoes that either hurt my feet or are only worn on special occasions. I am running around town, taking pictures and sharing them in representation of children who would LOVE any of the shoes in my closet so that they could protect themselves from diseases and pain. Am I raising awareness of issues like podoconiosis or am I providing money for shoes for children in areas where they do not have any by not wearing shoes today? NO, I am not but by blogging about it I may be showing one new person about it. I am not saying Toms is the only way to by shoes or provide for the needs in other countries, because I know it isn't true. There are many ways to provide for others: through missionary funds, through projects like CHARITY:WATER or Coffeehouse Five(which I will blog about more when they open) or even through adopting. We all have charities or things that we have a passion for, but how many of us actually get out there and put effort towards these projects?

Today I am not wearing shoes, I am reminded through this experience the pain that children without shoes have to go through. I pray that through Toms and many other organizations/missionaries here and on the ground in the areas with shoeless, cloth-less, food-less, and sometimes even hopeless people are able to help provide them with their needs.  Today I remember that I am SUPER fortunate to have shoes, clothes, food and HOPE :) I have one ALMIGHTY MAKER, PROVIDER, LORD AND SAVIOR that rocks my socks off with all the things I see him do every single day. I don't know if I have ever felt so emotional writing a blog, but today I do and have cried a few times. Today I challenge you to share something on Facebook, in an Email or even verbally about something you are passionate about.
Do not stay silent, or in your shoes, to raise awareness :) 


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