Review: For The Lifegiving Home

{necessary information} I received this book as a try-me from Tyndale Publishers and the opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and not those of the author or publisher

{transparency} I fangirled during the release of the book by joining in on a live feed with the Clarkson girls and some of their friends. I have had a spark of inspiration to host in my home which includes but is not limited to small groups and allowing (future) foster kiddos to host friends at our home. 

{review} The Lifegiving Home breaks the western stigma that has built walls around the home and only welcomes to coffee shops and restaurants. The book shows what happens in the home of Sally Clarkson, which does not necessarily work in everyones homes- just serve as an image or thought that could work. Though it focuses on creativity, I think there is something in this book for families of all shapes and sizes. Serves as a reminder to slow down and spend time together as a FRAMILY ( friends and family). 



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