Review: The Conmans Daughter

{necessary information} I received this book as a read me from the author as a part of the launch team for free. The opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and not those of the author or publisher.

{transparency} Anyone who knows me, knows that I cross the thin line between fangirling and need to be put behind bars for stalking Candice Curry (teehee) I met her just before chapter 10 and her strength through the crud chatted about in that chapter, her humor in parenting and her passion to share Jesus with those who hurt has impacted me in ways I don't know if I will ever be able to explain. With all that said, this has not changed that I think this is an amazing book- I do not let relationships get in the way of my honest reviews, so she made it easy on me.

{review: The Conman's Daughter} True, honest, raw stories shared by Candice about her biological dad and his shifty "businesses".  She shares truth behind the secrets she felt she had to keep and the burdens no one should have to carry. Candice opens the pages to her deepest darkest days: abuse, neglect, marriage issues... she opens up about it all. Parts of the book are hard to swallow because it hurts too much to comprehend. She shares about her journey to find her true Father (God), and how she has learned and grown from the stinky poop fertilizer she had been planted in (all the lies). Nothing frou frou and frilly about this story.

{recommendation and information} GOOOOO GET THIS BOOK! If you have have struggled with identity, marriage issues, daddy issues, finding Christ, having children, divorce, abuse..... THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!!! If you like books that are brutally honest... THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!!!  I would say age wise it is best for adults and older teens only after the adult in their life has read it and can work through the tough stuff with them.  

Order the BOOK here : AMAZON     BAM     BARNES AND NOBLES    CHRISTIANBOOKS.COM      INDIEBOUND    #theconmansdaughter

{in addition} Candice is a great writer, and has been a great writer since right after the events of chapter 10 happened. Her her blog : . She also takes reservation for speaking events (on her website) and is active in the San Antonio Mom Blog Network. 


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