Review: of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker

{necessary information} I received this book from the publisher as a part of the launch team for free. The opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and not those of the author or publisher.

{transparency} Hmm, I have been sitting on, pondering, contemplating what I was going to write up front about this review. I know that this author has faced some heat for views that she has shared in interviews. I feel this is relevant to share upfront in my review because I want it known that my review of " Of Mess and Moxie" is not affected by outside sources or feelings. When I review a book, I open its pages, I dissect its content, and I come up with my own thoughts. This review is not affected by my feelings about former books by Jen, not by the fact that I spent an amazing night in Jen's backyard eating all the tacos and pie a girl can desire, and does not mean that I am in 100 percent agreeance with anything said in the book or by the author.

{endorsement: Of Mess and Moxie} Have you ever wanted to have a raw, real conversation with the sassy and quick witted Jen Hatmaker? Read this book. Jesus, food, family, all the important topics: she covered them all- with LOVE, recipes and how-to's.

Anastasia H. : Bubbly Ministry Wife, Green Tea-aholic, and Serial Book Launcher/Reviewer

{review} Dissect a title: Life is a big ball of mess sometimes and it takes a grabbin atcha big girl panties and face the day with all your gusto-MOXIE! 
     Some of those messy days we take on our mess titles: " Whether self-imposed or foisted upon us, we are assessed through that specific lens: damaged, failure, addict, victim, broken, unhealthy, abuser, quitter, injured, frail." Jen steps up to the plate and knocks those names off your shoulders and reminds you that that is not who you are, " You are more than the sorriest decision you ever made." and "Your name is not ruined." 
     Jen reminds us that we were not meant to be the cookie cutter images of each other, that sabbath is a huge deal, and "In other words, God is into beauty, food, fun and naps." There are huge laughs to be had in the how-tos, recipes and the general Jen-isms. 

{recommendation and information} As Jens kids mention in the book, there is talk about sex. So as far as who should read this, I would stick to adults (over the age of 18). Ordering the book is easy as pie: Of Mess and Moxie Preorder webpage can be found by clicking on the link, and has links to all the top online retailers, and the book can also be found on the shelves of Barnes and Nobles. Also if you jump on ordering before AUGUST 8TH you can get some amazing perks on the preorder page.


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