too good not to blog right away

so today has already been interesting. my in-laws dog( that Curtis carried home 14 years ago in his hands) already has health issues, but today she got super sick again and had to go to the doc. Automatically we all started thinking that this would be goodbye but the doctor drugged her up and sent her on her way.

Since we thought this would be goodbye, Curtis and I got into the conversation about putting animals down. Neither of us like this option- in which I turned to my cat and said " Please run away when you need to die." So Curtis was asked what Prissy had done to receive the lethal injection, "did she rob a bank?" "did she murder?"- when I input that she did bite. So we went through a list of ways that are still not right but made us take our mind from Prissy: Lizard being put on a electroplate, as he changes colors then passes, a bird hanging where he never dies because he can fly, and a shoot out between cat and dog. As this conversation begins to take an end, we drive down Huebner to find an unidentified dead animal which I equate to a cat- Curtis on the other hand decided that it is a Lemur but not a real one- an ANIMATED ONE.

This reminds me of a story my old youth minister would tell- "In college and I had a cat and a roommate. I came home to my cat in the freezer. I asked the roommate why the cat was in the freezer and he told me that he found him collapsed and put him there. I called the vet and asked what to do, the vet told me to get an eye dropper and gasoline. The cat proceeded to run about the house and then collapsed again. I asked the vet what happened and he said " The cat ran out of gas." :) "

Never a dull moment...


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