Where'd all the Good People Go?

For one of my classes we had to come up with our own creative morality to live by and I wanted to share it with you.

"Jack Johnson sings a song called , " Where'd all the Good People Go?", and this is a very good question. Moralities were things that in the past were common, but now its become like a "cult" of different people. I do not see it likes this but describe it like this because I am a Christian and a lot of the time am defending that this is how it is not. Moralities are a big thing of life but many people find them as a hindrance- but them seeing it like that is a morality for them.

The morality of Patience is one that I have been personally working on. To fall into this group you must be willing to give up instant gratification.
  • Microwaves are a no-no
  • Down loading music online the day that it is released is not allowed
  • Drive through window's are impersonal and you end up wasting more gas.
  • You must wait until the physical pay day to spend your money- no credit cards.
  • You can not pay bills online- doing it in person makes the people having to work there feel needed.
The whole functionality of patience is understanding that you can wait and when you do the people around you are happier because you are not always in a rush.

Note- I do not take my patience to this extreme- but find my self not taking time to smell the roses- or take a number and wait long enough to tell someone to have a good day. I am completely for using our advancements in media- but at what cost? People are losing their jobs in print publications because our society has become so focused on instant gratification.

Where did all the good people go? They are at the park enjoying a print book, their mug from home filled with green tea lemonade that sat outside yesterday to brew fully and a blanket that they took the time to sow over their Christmas holiday"

we spend so much time on the computer paying bills, or flying on a plane for family vacation that we miss the flowers on the side of the road and the games you played as a kid on road trips. One day we will have to stop and reevaluate how much we depend on the right now, but until I get time.....


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