last day of RESET!

All week, thanks to a dear friend with some AMAZING kiddos, I was able to take part in a program from USANA called RESET! It is meant to help curb cravings and lose weight. I have absolutely loved it !! The shakes were a great way of making sure I was eating breakfast, it makes you eat healthy snacks instead of going for some empty calories and it is SUPER DUPER FILLING!

From this expierience I have realized that I did not eat breakfast enough before causing me to inhale food when I ate lunch. Then I would go another 6 hours or so before my next meal , dinner. I need to change that not just for the five days of this program but forever.
My new steps will be:
  • getting empty calories out of the house. We will buy chips and stuff when we are at the store as a "treat" and over indulge. I am going to save my treat mentality for an every once in a while bean and cheese taco : )
  • EAT BREAKFAST! I am going to look for the most healthy and cost efficient way for me to continue with the shakes
  • Keep buying the veggies. We bought some really good containers to help keep pre-cut veggies from going bad. We have been buying: Asparagus, Broccoli, Celery, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers ( all colors), Cucumbers. Fruits have been peaches, banana, strawberries, blue berries, and black raspberry (not blackberries- somehow they are diff)
The veggie and fruit thing we have been trying for a while, but our fridge is super old and ALWAYS freezes them when we keep them in the drawers- since we invested in the containers we have been good. Baby steps, hopefully will lead to a better life.

With God by my side I can conquer the WORLD!
Any tips for me?


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