I received kind words the other day after my social media rant, and of that I am very thankful. What I realized when this happened is that I am not used to true encouragement. I sought it much growing up but there was always a catch to the "advice". I am looking back and seeing that I over came a lot of obstacles, but know that I would not be the person that I am right now without jumping these hurdles
now if only I had long enough legs to jump track hurdles : )
I would not take back the hurt I have seen/felt/kicked in the face. I know I grumble when something goes bad, but two days later I realize that I have grown ( I think I may be a 40 year old mom in a 23 year old body). My students( though they do not always respect me as so) will constantly refer to me as 28 and 30, and a co- worker decided it is because I am married ( she is not and is that age and they all think she is my age).
 I am proud to be young and married and be seen as OLD
Sorry for the rambling... I said all that to say that I am trying to teach myself to like and listen to encouragement. I have started running, and am embarrassed by my current times- but then I turn around and realize I am hitting personal bests and need to OWN them. I am trying to not take " I am praying for you" as a patronizing comment that is the general Christian saying that no prayer ends up coming up.
I appreciate those of you who have been encouraging me.

I will just keep swimming, swimming swimming... ( or running running running) : )


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