Left behind

4th grade my grandma that took me go church moved far away. In 5th grade- I got left behind in Texas by my mom. In eighth grade I got left alone at a talent show I was in with no one there to support me. the only constant has been God. But as I sit here I wonder what the longest drought someone has gone though without a clue as of what is going on. I think I have been here since 2009. I know he is working but my tear ducts keep flowing.I'm going to find a paddle for my river.

Don't feel sorry for me, or doubt my faith. I still believe and proclaim HE is alive and well and working hard on my path, and it must have ALOT of grooves because it Is taking time. So if u see me, just give me a hug because I dont know if there are words to fix this . Soo until that hug :)


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