introducing my first fashion blog

I have never been a very big girly girl but have been coming into a more girly state as a married woman. A few weeks ago I had the great honor of attending Neiman Marcus kick of to Fashion Week as a part of a Meetup group and the SAFABB group. Other than the fashion shows I was in during my elementary school modeling days this was my first big time fashion show. My pictures were from my iPhone and I am short = I didnt get very good quality but here is my thoughts :

I absolutely love the long low pony tails. It was very sleek looking and modern feeling. 

This year is all about precious jewel tones and I love the emerald. I think it goes well with dark and light hair.  Long lengths are also looking very popular this fall.

During the night there were different vendors and make up counters doing expos of the new colors. I had my hair braided by a lady from HotBox salon and It was awesome. When I say braiding I am not meaning Cancun style, this is more elegant wedding style braids. 

here I am enjoying my media pass! I hope to do more events. I really enjoyed the pampering of being an insider but the red lipstick I am wearing is a part of my new favorite things : ) 


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