I started my favorite month of the year with a sign that defines it all :
I was asked by HUGS to be a part of GIRL EXPO where the Girl Scouts of America were celebrating their 100th anniversary. I had tumble mats and allowed girls to do bridges, forward rolls, cartwheels and a few backhandsprings. I also got to do an expo class for a group of younger girls. 

October is my favorite month because it is my birth month as we have declared it in my house and this sly guy was able to surprise me with a mini party at Z'Tejas ( highly recommend) with his side of the family. I have always wanted to be surprised : ) I love this guy.
this year was my EPIC birthday- it was 10/11/12 and i made sure to eat breakfast and dinner at 8:09- I turned the age of a WHOLE box of candles
The day after my birthday I dyed my hair : ) new style for my new year of life. I also gave up french fries for the entire 24th year of my life- I am excited to see how that goes. I also got to go to WOMEN of FAITH the day after my birthday. (BLOG ABOUT IT TO FOLLOW_)

Mid October brought a funky day- half day for my after school girls and we decided to BLING it on and do manis while watching girly movies. Then that weekend I was honored to be a part of the JR Diabetes walk for HUGS. I had one lil gymnast and a cheerleader join me and people were wincing the whole time at their flexibility. 

Where the golf cart is located is the position of the start and finish line. I decided that I wanted to be pictured at the start -

Well thanks for following my October, i have some special events I will highlight but more blogging to come from this COLLEGE grad now that she has no more papers to write. 

peace, love and HUGS



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