All I want for Christmas is a girl best friend

I have been asked many a times who my best friend is. I have mentioned a few times ______ is my best friend, but when it comes down to it the person does not reciprocate that feeling/thought.

One thing that has always dwelled in my heart is maybe I am not close enoughp to God to qualify for a best friend- in the word it is said that I should find refuge and strength in Him, so it would make sense that I need to be more on him before I trust a BFF.

I have been burned by many a woman in my life. It was hard growing up with my mom somewhere else and not feeling like I had a woman confidant or someone to watch be a woman and learn how to r one. So I pieced together my "woman picture".

It is said that if God puts you to it, He alone will pull you through it. I know I have two awesome bffs- God and Curtis and maybe one day I will have a female BFF but until then I will watch Center Stage and A Walk to Remember and when I feel I need to cry I will shout to Yahweh, the only way to heal all. Immanuel will never burn me or turn away- and that is what I remind myself every time I see someone being supported by their BFF " I am ALWAYS supported by mine!"


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