Sometimes you enter a day and you just dont feel like your self, or someone tells you that you are not acting like yourself. The book Still Lolo by Lauren Scruggs and family is about the journey of a young lady who in one fun instance her whole life changed.

Lauren was a normal run of the mill student who was working super hard to have her dreams come true. Like many people, when things are going well you sometimes drift from your beliefs and dont keep them as centerfold. Lauren had realized she was drifting found her way back and then it hit her.
Lauren was visiting a friend during the Christmas season and her whole life changed.

This book covers the highs and lows of the journey Lauren has taken over the past year which includes a visit to a hospital, learning things she already knew, coming to know that she will never be the same but can still be amazing, and family. I would highly recommend this book to athletes, dreamers, Christians that think they are the only ones that push away when things get hard, and someone who wants to know that lessons are learned when things get tough.

*** I am reviewing this book for Tyndale House Publishers and was provided with a free copy of the book**** 
Book can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Lifeway Christian stores and so many more. 


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