wof baby- late

This year I was able to attend my very first Women of Faith and the best part was- I only had to pay for parking : )  ( also note the brown hair that I had dyed about an hour before with a Revlon $3 box). The even cooler part was that I didnt have to attend "alone" ( without anyone I specifically planned on being there with), I received two tickets from Women of Faith for being a part of #LeadingandLovingit  and then the girl next to me was not going to be able to attend so I got TWO more tickets : ) I was going to be able to invite 3 people. As soon as I got in the car God started tugging and I knew he had a plan greater than me inviting three people I knew ( my plan was my mother in law, a fellow ministry leader and probably my sister in law).

I prayed and prayed and one day ran into a mommy at my church who had also been the vbs leader- alot of planning goes into VBS and for no pay- check : ) The next week I attended SYATP with my hubby ( the youth pastor). We went to a new high school that we didnt visit the year prior because we knew a student would love to see us there and then a familuar face came up, she and her husband had joined the church the week that curtis and I were called and accpeted as members. Since we work with youth I dont really get to know many of the people who are not youth or youth parents and her and her hubby both are very busy and sometimes have to go out of town for work. She came to say bye and as she turned away I had asked her if she had ever been, and she had not- check 2 : ) I really struggled on who God was calling for me to invite with the final ticket. It was just sitting there and I didnt want control of who to invite. It was about two weeks till the event and we were having a social at church. I saw so many faces that I thought would love to go but my second ticket holder came up to me and asked if I knew if tickets were still available and if it was open seating, I told her yes there was still tickets and it wasnt open seating. She proceeded to tell me that the lady who had just accepted Christ the week before was interested in going and I told her that I had an extra ticket and she was more than welcome to come and sit with us - check 3 : )

I was very nervous about the whole situation ( as I have said in previous blogs- I dont have many girl friends and there are specific situations where I start feeling like a little girl and not the young woman I am).  I think it went pretty smoothly but I also pushed myself away because I didnt want to seem pushy and wanted them to feel comfortable to worship the way they felt led.


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