So as many of you know, I moved to Indiana in February :) whoowoo!! Since arriving there have been a few conversations about accents/dialects. I am a through and true Texan- via another Texas and an English man. To the general public I do not sound like I have a Texas accent until you put me around others that have heavy accents from ANYWHERE and somehow my Texan comes out :) EXCEPT--- the fact that I without even thinking about it use YALL (ALL THE TIME). For me to not use YALL, I have to truly think about it and stumble out you all or most of the time when I do it comes out "you and him and her" because YALL comes SOOO naturally. One of our students corrects me constantly to "you all" which upsets me. I told him the other day," would you tell someone from England to stop speaking with a British accent?" and he replied no. So I told him that it would be the same with my use of YALL. To which of course he argued but how often do we hear someone speaking their native tongue in the US and say that they are in America and need to speak English but when we go to let say Italy we are not speaking fluent natural Italian and are expectant the Italians to just understand and accept us.

Another conversation while in Indiana spoke about Beth Moore and how some Hoosiers were not for her bible studies due to her Southern draw and references. Most of the ladies who are on Christian tours were born and raised in the South, and people aren't going to do their bible studies because of the way they talk? I know that I am super weird because I think accents are less detected by my ear due to growing up in an English/Spanish accent household- I also can not fake a British accent for my life :) its actually pretty funny. 


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