2014 Retrospective

Well well, 2015 snuck up on the Huffman- but want to look back at 2014.

tick tock, tick tock- we spent time waiting on our call- our 2013 ended after a whippity skippity trip to Indianapolis and knew that in Gods timing we would be finding out if and when we would take our next adventure. So before the end of January we knew our new journey would be to Indiana, and it would be soon. I ended my time at Gracepoint and subbed at Churchill Baptist until we got the news. Went to the San Antonio Zoo one last time for our 5th anniversary and what would be our last anni in SA ( for free due to the Spurs winning). We enjoyed seeing GHOST with friends before receiving our call and making final prep for our move to Indy.


Good byes are hard,  especially when they are family, friends and food. Both of us were born and raised in South Texas and even when we moved to Oklahoma for 9 months in 2008-2009 for school at OBU- San Antonio was still home. Basically our whole married life we had lived in SA and prayed because we knew God may one day move us, and many of our friends knew the same.    
The first two weeks in Feb were our days of lasts, we had a goodbye dinner with friends and family at EZs and took our nephews to our favorite snowcone place. Made sure to get our fix of BREAKFAST Tacos, and friend hugs. I was able to have a wonderful last breakfast with my daddy before taking off the afternoon of Feb 12th. 
During our journey Jaek became a hotel kitty :) and did really well but the last day, Valentines day, was rainy, icy, and snowy. but there is another blog about that.  We happily arrived at night and enjoyed some food before our move in on the 15th. 

Spring 2014
NO the picutre doesnt look like spring but we are going with it :) Our wonderful friend Courtney came up and visited which allowed us to do some exploring of the INDY Art Museum ( come see us so we can take you there too) and take selfies with FUNKYBONES ( see Our Fault in the Stars).

We kicked off our time at FBC by attending Winter Jam, Lent Season, Easter festivities. We attended baseball, band, and choir events galore. I spoke at the Mother Daughter Tea ( wasn't my best but there were many busy situations surrounding it).  It was sure a whirlwind

Summer Fun

Graduations, VBS, Summer Camp- oh my :) OMS Conference in July which led to a whirlwind trip to Alaska in August to meet my niece and spend time with my mom for the first time since Jan 06.


Blurred lines: Women of Faith, Marching Band, my Birthday (whoo hoo 26th)
Followed by a venture back to SA to binge of breakfast tacos, and celebrate Johns Ordination. 
We returned to plan pie baking, Baptist postal service, and Live Nativity. No sleep for the newly ordained pastor and his wifey. One of the high schools our kiddos go to won State in Marching Band. We made close to 60 pies for our fundraiser, enjoyed Thanksgiving of rest, and our first fall leaves. December of parties, and lots of food. Our Live Nativity was a HIT and last two services of the year were touching. The finale being our pastors last Sunday before his retirement.


(Mamba Challenge- Ill never pass up a good challenge)

Lots of Firsts: first time John preached in front of adults, first long trip a part ( while I was in Alaska), John Preached in front of his family and friends in SA, first time being in OHIO. of course not an extensive list but its a good start. 2015 will bring some more fun :) you coming along for the ride?

Indy Girl


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