The NO Girl

If you know me personally, which I think I can pretty much gather that 99.9 percent of my readers do, then you know I do not say no. When someone asks me to do something I try my hardest to do it and if I can not make it I let the person know why without saying no. This has burned me and I have been walked all over by many of people.

I really enjoy being a part of teams, and feeling included- so I think this is the main reason that I do not say no. Some one once said that if you turn something or someone down once they are less likely to seek you out in the service for something. I don't know why I hang on so deeply to something that someone said- with no definite time or person to tie it to. But how often do we do that, base our feelings on a specific thought we were once told but never sought a second opinion, and we run around saying "they say...".

I am pretty sure the only "they say..." we should be adhering to is the Bible. Cliche, pastors wife answer, maybe: 100 percent truth, completely!! Do I currently reside in this location 100 percent of my days? No, but the first step in fixing your problem is admitting you have a problem. I have a problem: saying no and hanging completely on words that I can not remember the source.

So first step is taken, and I can only move forward from here. I have to remember that the other people asking me to do things are not living my life and if they are offended by my no then it is a them problem not a me problem. God has called me to serve him as me, not as what others think I am suppose to serve him as.

check out Romans 12:6-7, Jeremiah 29:11 and Proverbs 16:3


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